Wedding Photo Booth Rental Trichy Tamilnadu India

Rent photo booth

We specialize in renting photo booth for weddings Trihcy, Tamilnadu, India , and for this reason we have been earn goodwill of wedding couples hearts for four consecutive years during the years 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 . This defines us as the best photo booth rental service for Weddings in Trichy, Tamilnadu, India . We are very proud to fight every year to achieve it, as it is an award that customers of wedding photo booth rental companies from all over India vote based on the quality of service . This leads us to be 100% in each of our weddings, and attend with a Unique treatment to each guest of each wedding .

Wedding Photo Booth

The wedding photo booth is the most fun you can find in a wedding celebration in Trichy, Tamilnadu, India. For adults, for children, for the couple … everyone will want to take pictures in the photo booth . Dressing up with our dare is the most fun , and playing to put our best pose for the photos is a moment full of laughter and magical moments that will make your wedding be remembered for a long time.

We have Photo Booth and Photocall, which one do you prefer?

What Is Included In The Wedding Photo Booth Packages

We have a photo booth packages for weddings in Trichy, which is a very complete solution that includes the most demanded by our customers. You can also expand it with any extra you want since we are experts in customizing our photo booth service .

  • Displacement , assembly and disassembly of the photo booth.
  • 3 hours of service .
  • Take unlimited photos , instantly printed in high quality! Attendees can take all the photos they want and take their copy.
  • Photo album and dedications
  • Atrezo high quality and very fun !!!
  • Customization of the photographs.
  • Digital support with all the photos
  • Throughout the event, a flight attendant will be in charge of the photo booth and that your album is complete and impeccable.

Album With All Photos Of The Photo Booth

In all our services a personalized album is included with all the photos we take with our photo booth. We include a high quality album , filled with tissue paper between its pages and prepared with a cover window to personalize it with your best photo. Size 31 × 31 cm

You can choose the color you like, white, maroon or navy blue, or request a custom one to your liking.

We put great care and affection in the preparation of the album during the wedding , which will be your most fun memory of that special day

We use more than 30 different photo designs in your album , to make it more enjoyable and fun to watch.

How Will The Album Look With The Photos Of The Photo Booth?

This is an example so you can see how the album looks with the photos of the Photo Booth. It is a real example of a wedding. Just before handing the album to the bride and groom, we took these photographs to show you a real case of a wedding with a photo booth. As you can see the guests enjoyed it to the fullest, and the couple took home a souvenir of the most special day of their lives.