Script for a civil wedding

This article Presented by RR Thoranam Mahal – Best Wedding Halls in Coimbatore. Marriage by the civilian is usually shorter than religious, but also has its protocol and its steps to follow. In addition, it allows a greater rationalization and the possibility of including symbolic rites. Take note of the script for the civilian.

Wedding ceremony
Wedding ceremony

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All ceremonies have points in common. First, the beautiful meaning they have: their union as spouses. Secondly, every bride has to find her wonderful wedding dress and she has to walk to the altar where her future husband will be waiting for her. Last but not least, regardless of the type of marriage that takes place, the bride and groom can choose one decoration or another, look for personalized wedding souvenirs and surprise their guests with photo calls, themed cotillions, original wedding cakes and much more. plus. Next, we are going to leave you a small script for your civil wedding that you can take advantage of, especially if you bet on mobile civil marriage.

Grooms entrance

The entry of the couple in a civil ceremony is the same as in another type of link. The boyfriend enters first, accompanied by the godmother who, usually, is usually his mother. Next, the bride enters, with her beautiful civil wedding dress accompanied by the godfather – her father – to the rhythm of the Wedding March or a unique and special song for her.

Start of the ceremony

When the bride and groom meet at the altar, the ceremony begins. The officiant pronounces the following words: We are here to marry ________ and ________. First, I will proceed to read the marriage record: At ________ hours on the ________ of ________ of ________, appear those who prove to be ________ and ________, for the purpose of contracting civil marriage by virtue of authorization relapsed in the file number ________ . I would like to state that all the legal requirements for the celebration of this civil marriage have been fulfilled, without an impediment or obstacle for this celebration having been presented or denounced in the substitute hearing of the edicts.

Reading of civil articles

Before arriving at the “yes, I want” and going to the party to enjoy the original wedding cake , the officiant of the ceremony has to read the articles of the civil code regarding the right to marry. Some of them are:

Art.198: The spouses owe each other fidelity, assistance and food.
Art. 431: Assistance. The spouses commit themselves to develop a common life project based on cooperation and the moral duty of fidelity. Mutual assistance should be provided.
Witness intervention

The celebrant of the ceremony will ensure the witnesses’ data aloud, ask if they have any objection to the act that will take place and give them a way to say a few words to the couple, if they wish. Marrying civilians does not prevent them from having bridesmaids and best men , so they can ask the witnesses to be their nuptial procession and, why not, look for simple party dresses for them and suits of the same color for them.

“Yes, I want”

The officiant will ask the following question: “First and last name of the groom, do you accept as wife the first and last name of the bride ?” And vice versa, where you will have to answer with two words that will summarize the rest of your life.

Exchange of rings

This part of the script can be included as long as it gives them time, since in the Civil Registry there will be many couples waiting their turn to take the big step after you. If you want this section to appear yes, comment it with the judge – if you have the possibility of knowing it – or with the person to whom you gave the papers to see if it is possible to add it.

Signing of the couple and witnesses

To seal their love, apart from the first kiss as new spouses, both the bride and groom and the witnesses must sign the marriage certificate .

Rain of rice

All the guests have to go to the door of the Civil Registry with rice to wait for the departure of the new spouses. If the bride has a hairdo with loose hair , it will be easier to remove the grains of rice that the guests throw when it leaves the hand of her husband. To be able to choose any hairstyle without fear of filling it with rice, you can recommend to your friends and family to change it for rose petals . It should be noted that this script is not definitive and that, in many cases, it can be affected by the time they are given to perform the ceremony in the Civil Registry of their city. If you want to personalize it 100%, bet on the mobile civil marriage. It is a service that consists in taking your marriage to the place that you choose.

If you already have the date for the Civil Registry, it was time to look for your wedding invitations . In our portal you will find beautiful models and phrases of original wedding cards to surprise, from minute one, your guests.