Wedding Photographers in Madurai Tamilnadu India

The most valuable purpose of Candid Wedding photography in Madurai is to be able to capture the most important EMOTIONS . Therefore, YOUR WEDDING is for me much more than an event, a celebration or a tradition.
It is that unrepeatable opportunity to capture in images the HISTORY OF LOVE of a couple different from all the others. Each wedding report is a great challenge for me: to reach the ESSENCE of each FEELING , to create photographs where it seems that laughter and sighs are still heard, in which the illusion is perceived in the brightness of the eyes and everything seems to be moving. For this reason, more than a wedding photographer, I consider myself a LIFE PHOTOGRAPHER.

Professional Wedding Photographer

Regarding my wedding reports, I try to make them unique, different, very impressive. I try to capture the soul of each wedding , trading photographs for sentiment. The best advertising is my own clients, many of them end up being great friends. I would like to meet with you, talk, advise you, help you in whatever way I can… I am always the photographer I would like to find at my wedding.
My goal is to narrate your wedding as if it were a movie. My style as a professional wedding photographer is based on wedding photojournalism, natural and documentary photography, mixed with an artistic touch, but above all my goal is to tell real stories.

90% documentary photography, 10% artistic photography

I do a very limited number of weddings a year in Madurai, the rest of the time I dedicate to holding weddings in different corners of Tamilnadu, giving workshops to other colleagues, continuing to train with the best wedding photographers in Tamilnadu and enjoying my other great passion , travel.

And for you, what is important on your wedding day?

In a few years, you will like to see in images everything that happened on the day of your wedding, such as … How your wedding was lived, not only you, your parents, your brothers, grandparents … That memory is the one that will truly have value your report once the years have passed, and that is what I am going to narrate with my camera.