Tips and ideas to organize an ecological wedding: for eco-friendly bride and groom

Tips and ideas to organize an ecological wedding: for eco-friendly bride and groom
An ecological wedding is also possible. So if you are thinking about getting married, don’t give up on your principles and celebrate an eco-friendly wedding. You can get a celebration of ten without violating your conscience.

Tips to celebrate an ecological wedding

To organize an ecological wedding, coherence is key. It is useless for you to buy bio products if you do not take advantage of local resources. Or that you consider the arrival of your guests in public transport and then install outdoor stoves in the garden.

Put the magnifying glass on all the details to avoid inconsistencies that can destroy your desire to be respectful with the environment. Attentive to our tips:

Paperless invitations
Dispense with the traditional wedding invitations printed on cards and sent in envelopes, you will not only save money; You will also get an ecological and original approach.

New technologies give you many possibilities:

Send the card by email
Create a Whatsapp group
Record a small video , you will surprise your guests from the beginning
If you prefer to send an invitation to use, you can choose recycled paper .

Proximity wedding: don’t forget
You have already fallen into the account, but the further away the venue is from your home and that of your guests, the more you will pollute. A local wedding is the best recipe to reduce CO2 and suspended particles. For guests who have to move, you can offer a bus, thus preventing everyone from arriving in their own vehicle.

Decoration according to the cause
There are a lot of resources that you can use in decorating.

Reserve empty glass jars to make a candle aisle or place flowers in centerpieces.
Find great vintage items , such as old vinyl records, suitcases, old photos … A visit to the family loft can give you decorating ideas.
Go to the beach after a storm. Surely there are branches of surprising shapes that can transform the most nondescript place into a place full of personality.
Use plants to decorate. Then you can take them to your house or give them to guests, favoring the oxygenation of their homes.
Decoration of an ecological wedding

Energy expenditure: something to keep in mind in an ecological wedding
Reducing energy expenditure is also possible. An outdoor wedding will give you all the natural light you need. Of course, it limits the celebration of the wedding to the seasons where the sun is more assured. If you need to light you can use:

Led lights
Eco-friendly menu
Ask the restaurant to use local organic products on the menu. There are more and more small orchards that are committed to this type of production and that can offer you the ingredients you are looking for.

If you want you can also opt for a vegan wedding and exclude animal proteins. Although the main thing is that the products are of kilometer zero.

Eco-friendly details
Do you want to have detail with your guests? You can take into account a series of guidelines:

Rejects products that have plastic and bet on local production: handmade soaps, ceramics …
Samples of local gastronomy: organic pasta, honey or artisan jam …
Eco friendly honeymoon: yes you can
If you want to do your bit and celebrate an eco-friendly wedding, don’t spoil it with your honeymoon. Traveling by plane is one of the most polluting activities that we do on a regular basis. So find another means of transportation . The best, without a doubt, is the train .

The ecotourism offers interesting destinations , from organic farms rural accommodation and activities in full contact with nature.

The perfect eco-friendly girlfriend
All the elements that surround the preparation of a bride can be adapted to the green philosophy. Surely you will be surprised!

Dress. Reusing is the best way to avoid damaging the environment. So if you can take advantage of your mother, grandmother’s dress, or that of your soul friend, don’t think twice. If you like vintage style but you don’t have anyone in your family who can lend it to you, you can go to second-hand stores. Another option is that, instead of buying a wedding dress, rent one. And if you prefer to acquire a new one, you have at your disposal several fashion firms that make wedding dresses with natural, sustainable and ethically produced fabrics.
The shoes. You can find organic and vegan alternatives to traditional leather shoes in the market. Another idea is that you choose a handmade shoe made with natural materials, such as espadrilles.
The bridal bouquet. If you have a garden at your disposal you can grow your own natural flowers and pick them in the morning on the wedding day. Otherwise, look for a florist where they provide you with organic and cultivated flowers as close as possible.
Jewelry. How about melting a gold bracelet that you no longer use and turning it into two alliances? Another idea is to look for a firm that makes jewelry with organic metals.
Naturalness above all. The natural aspect is the one that best fits the green philosophy. So forget about hairspray, excessive makeup, and glitzy manicures.
It seems difficult to celebrate an ecological wedding, however, with these tips you are surely closer to getting it. Based on your instinct, when you lead an eco friendly life you already know what to expect to be respectful with the environment.