Hello everybody,

On many occasions I have insisted on the importance of choosing a good photographer for the wedding. In my opinion it is one of the most decisive decisions in the organization because you are going to choose the person in charge to immortalize and capture every moment of one of the most important days of your life.

The fundamental thing is to have two clear things: the budget and the style of the photographer . It is important to know what kind of photographs you would like to see in a few years and what style you like. Do you like artistic photography more or maybe you prefer more natural photos without poses?

On the other hand it is important to be clear about what moments you want to include . A complete wedding report usually consists of the groom’s preparations, ceremony, aperitif & banquet, dance and party. For me all these moments are essential since that day we are all full of emotions. I did not want to miss anything at my wedding !!

If you like artistic photography but spontaneous and natural, you will love the work of Kutxi Pacheco. Wedding photographer in Madrid but works both nationally and internationally. She describes herself as a happy person, awake, very observant and critical in her work.

As a photographer, she likes to work side by side with couples in order to capture the best moments before, during and after. The interaction with the couple, family and guests helps you not to miss any time as they are all unrepeatable and thus get candid and spontaneous photographs.

As you know my personal advice is always to hire a good professional because the photographs of your wedding will be one of the most important and most valued memories. You can cut in many ways the budget of the wedding but in the wedding report better not! If you liked the work of Arasu Studio do not hesitate to contact her!