What to Consider When Buying a DSLR Camera

What to Consider When Buying a DSLR Camera. On the approaching dates, you are probably asking yourself, if you have not already, to change your old camera for a new one, and take advantage once and for all of the opportunity to make the jump to a camera Reflex. If so, you may go crazy between the offers so diverse that currently exists in what refers to SLR cameras. And it is that the market has evolved enormously in this aspect. Therefore, I will try to give you some simple tips so that you can choose your next digital SLR between some models and others without dying in the attempt.

What to Consider When Buying a DSLR Camera

Is it your first SLR?

This is the first thing I should ask. The article is very oriented to all those who want to make the leap into the world of SLR cameras. If your situation is not this, but you come from a SLR camera and you want to change it for a more professional model, most of the elements that you will have to look will be in the background, having to ask first what accessories of your current SLR camera Will serve for the new.

And is that those who already have a DSLR know this well: the camera body is only a small initial investment ; From there, and depending on what you like photography, you’ll leave a budget in different complements for your camera: lenses , tripods , flashes , filters , …

If it is your first reflex, however, you have total freedom to choose a brand and model, since you do not have to take advantage of material (which will also be a future drawback for your pocket for what I explained before …)

How to Choose the Best dslr Camera for you

The brand

It’s not what it seems. I am not going to enter the brand wars and I will not recommend any brand. I start from a very simple base: all the manufacturers make good SLR cameras, in other words, while for compact digital cameras, white marks that make low-cost cameras with a more than doubtful quality begin to proliferate, there are no manufacturers (Still) second-rate digital SLR cameras.

What you should keep in mind when choosing the brand is that for certain brands (now if, I say, are Canon and Nikon) it is easier to get accessories to complement your second-hand or third-party equipment than others Brands such as Pentax, Olympus or Sony, to name a few.

If you do not plan to expand your equipment in the future with second hand material or do not enter into your plans to use non-original accessories compatible with your camera, this will not be a problem, but if you want to expand your equipment in the future, you should Know that the aftermarket and aftermarket cameras are wider for the major brands.

For me, there are two elements that have nothing to do with camera electronics or megapixels. They are the viewfinder and the camera gripping sensation.

The viewfinder, not the LCD screen that the cameras bring back, is the hole through which you will see the world and you will portray it with your camera. And believe me there is a lot of difference between some models and others when looking through the viewfinder. The size of the image and the clarity with which you see what you see are two factors that greatly influence the feeling with the camera and the final price.

What to Consider When Buying a DSLR Camera

Sensation in the Hands

This is the second element that I was talking about. For me it is essential that the feeling when it comes to grab the camera is good. And this feeling depends little on the technology and much more on the ergonomics of the camera depending on the size of the hands. It is true that in the end everything gets used to it, but there is nothing more annoying than having the feeling that the camera will fall out of your hands because you do not feel comfortable with the grip.

The Purpose of the Kit

This factor when choosing you will only serve with your first reflex, assuming that you do not want to buy only the body of the camera and that you are going to use the lens that comes with the camera during a season. Lenses are a determining factor when making good photos. It is useless to spend several thousand euros on the body of a camera if the optics that accompany it is not up to the circumstances.

There are two things you must know about the objective or objectives that usually come standard with SLRs, and are:

They are usually low end targets, that is, within the possibilities you have when choosing a lens for your camera, they are the worst choice in terms of quality.

Not object, they are of much better quality, as a rule, than the optics of the compact cameras.

This means that although you have read in specialized forums that kit targets are very bad, if it is your first DSR you will find that they make very good photos for what you are used to, and you will also discover that a good lens for your camera can cost double than the SLR camera itself.

So I would almost recommend that you focus on focal lens coverage.

The Antiquity of the Chamber

I start from the base that you are looking for a new camera and not second hand. But you have to keep in mind that within the new camera market, manufacturers are very much evolving their models, so it is likely that a low-end SLR camera today surpasses a higher-end model two years ago. Sensor technology, high ISO noise levels … are elements that have nothing to do with what they had years ago.

Special Features

From here, there would be the functions and special features of each camera model: that if cleaning the sensor, that if stabilization in the body, Of the last functions that are incorporating the SLR cameras I am left with one that had in My first digital camera and that I lost when I went to the world of SLR cameras: the Live View system.

This system consists of being able to see through the LCD screen what is going to come out in the photo. And it’s a system that I found incredibly useful in certain conditions like tripod photos, especially the small, ground level, or self-portraits, in which you can manage to see the framing through the screen without need to look through the viewfinder.

The price

This was pretty obvious, so I left it to the end. You have SLR cameras in a range of prices that starts from just over 300 euros to comfortably surpass the 6000. Sure the latter are not what you are looking for, but it is always good advice to adjust the search to the money you want to spend on your next camera.